Who is Passport Gal?

Danette Benton is an award winning photographer that has been featured on multiple magazine covers and in multiple articles. Her photography preference is wildlife, landscapes, and street photography. When asked about her favorite type of photography, her reply is always, “Life around me. As if there wasn’t a photographer anywhere in sight. I like to capture everyday life.” 

She has an extreme love for travel and a great sense of humor. Her travel blog is not a we went here, we stayed there, we ate this, type of blog. She blogs in a way that you experience the day with her on her trips. The good, the beautiful, the not so great, and in between. She believes the best stories are the mishaps, the getting lost, and the unusual characters you meet along the way. While you will find great information in her blog about places she has been, you will also get a humorous side to the adventures as they are retold. Her itineraries are very full. She believes in hitting the ground running as soon as the plane lands to see everything there is to see in the place she is visiting. 

Buckle up and join her on this amazing journey called life!

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Who is Passport Gal?

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