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WOOHOO! It's Fall!

Of course you can't tell by the temperature. It's Fall. I get a hair brained idea shopping in Home Depot a couple of days ago. They had a mix of Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations out on display. When did that start happening? I thought you did one holiday at a time? Anyways, what do I know. They had some cute scarecrows and corn stalks. I purchase several things and $207.00 later I have everything that I did not come in the place for!

Today, I mowed the yard and the lot behind us we had to purchase for Jett's agility equipment because our yard is the size of a postage stamp. I take one of his jumps and zip tie the corn stalks and scarecrow to it. I set the 3 pumpkins I got at the base. Looks pretty festive for Fall. I go in the house and get my camera and a yoga mat. I position the yoga mat about 30 feet in front of the jump. I take Jett on the back side and put him in a start line stay, which in agility means, don't move until I send you to an obstacle. One of the harder things to really get down in agility. Especially for a border collie that just wants to do something, anything, move, run, jump. I put him in a start line stay and walk over to the yoga mat. I lay down on it with my camera and tell him "Go Jump!" Jett runs straight at me and takes the jump. I guess all of those times out there with the treats and the toys practicing these things is paying off!  Yea us! Nice picture with a festive Fall theme. I post it on Facebook and Jett gets lots of likes, loves, and ha ha's.

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