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Who is Jett?

Jett is my travel companion and all around compadre. When we are not traveling he serves in his capacity as “Crab Island Ambassador,” and as one of the many dogs that are "30a Ambassadors." A role he takes very seriously.

When he is at Crab Island he can reduce the biggest, burliest guy to baby talk in 3 seconds flat. And well, the girls absolutely love him. I once had a guy come over after watching the endless parade of bikini clad girls coming over and smooching all over him.  He wanted to know if he could borrow him for a little while. Yeah, uh, NOOOOO buddy!

When we are walking along 30a, he meets many tourists and helps them get over missing their fur babies at home. Kids love to pet him and grown ups love to baby talk with him. He loves the attention!

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