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Jett is a smooth coat border collie. The great thing about a border collie is, they are highly intelligent. The worst thing about a border collie is, they are highly intelligent. They need a job!

I trained horses for the biggest part of my adult life. I have always had herding breeds. When we moved to the beach and were ready for a new dog, I went with a herding breed because they are what I understand and love. I also understand that Jett, because he is a border collie, would need something to do besides walk on the beach. I love to train and since I no longer have horses, I thought, "Hmmm...that agility thing looks like fun." So, I sign up for classes. Jett is coming along nicely in his training despite the fact that I do not know what I am doing and am trying to get this agility thing down! After about a year of classes, the instructor talks me into entering a trial. I go and have a great time. Jett does pretty good considering I am a novice and don't know what I am doing. He has a little hitch in one of his runs. He goes about halfway across the walkover and sees me in front of him and jumps off to follow me. I get the whistle from the judge to leave the ring because, being a novice, I try to get him to go back over the walkover and do it correctly. (Trainer mindset, bad Danette, I don't know the rules!) I am never ahead of him because he is like something you shot out of a cannon, so I guess he was just so shocked I was in front, he decided to jump down and join the party. Who knows?

My friend who has been attending classes with me comes over afterwards and tells me that they have an animal communicator at the trial and she is taking her dog. She says, " Bring Jett and lets see what she has to say." I grab Jett and walk over with her. Now, first off, I don't know this woman we are about to go talk to. I do not have references from good friends about her. I am not saying there are not people that are gifted, but I am always skeptical.

My friend takes her dog in and the lady sits with him quietly for a bit. She asks my friend what she would like to ask her dog. My friend replies, " I would like to know if he likes agility?" The lady tells her the dog says, "Yes, I love agility." Still skeptical.... Then she asks my friend about something very personal that is bothering the dog. No way she could have known the information. WOW!  She finishes up with my friend's dog after a bit and I think, "What the heck. Go for it."


She sits with Jett a little bit, then asks me what I would like to ask him. I start with, "Does he like doing agility?" Jett's response, " Of course! I love agility! I'm a superstar!" I laugh, then ask, how can I get Jett to focus on me more for cues, etc.. His response, "I AM focused on you, you need to pay more attention to ME!" By now, I have tears streaming down my cheeks because I am laughing so hard. I ask, " Why did he do what he did on the walkover?" Reminder: she does not know him and has not seen him run. He says, " My right foot was hurting and I just really didn't want to do it!" I thank her, pay for my session and we leave.

My friend and I are laughing so hard as we walk out of her room. She had Jett's personality pegged to a tee and I imagine if Jett COULD talk, that is the way he WOULD talk!

I don't know what he will end up doing in agility. We are just having fun with the whole thing. But as far as Jett is concerned. HE IS A SUPERSTAR!

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