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It's my stick!

Tonight we head to the beach for our nightly sunset walk. The clouds are a little too dense, so the sunset will not be great for a photo, but it is always pretty. We walk along and run across a family from Tennessee. They have a 2 year old little girl who runs at Jett with arms outstretched saying, "Puppy, puppy!" I bend down and grab Jett's harness and tell him OK, because he doesn't know at this point if she loves him or wants to eat him. She pets Jett and loves on him. I visit with the parents for a little bit. The dad finally says, "Time to go in." He picks the little girl up and walks towards their rental house. She cries. "I want puppy! I love puppy! I want puppy!." This goes on until they reach the door to the house.

We continue along on our walk and run across a big piece of driftwood. Jett drops the prized seaweed he had in his mouth and runs over to the driftwood. He keeps biting at it, running around it and biting. He thinks if he can get his mouth open wide enough and find the right spot , he can drag that stick home. Growling and barking, this goes on for what seems like an hour. I have learned when something fascinates a border collie, let it! A tired border collie is a good border collie! A 12 year old girl from Pennsylvania comes up and says, "Holy Cannoli! That's a cool dog!" Her mom walks over with her little brother in tow. We visit for a bit. Jett is still determined to find a spot he can get hold of that stick. He completely ignores the family from Pennsylvania, who only want to pet him. They give up and head off down the beach. I finally have to tell Jett the one command he does not want to hear, "Leave it!" He looks at me and stops his shenanigans. I know he is thinking, "It is my stick. I found it, and I want to take it home." We head back down the beach. He finds an interesting piece of seaweed, scoops it up and tosses it in the air over his head, leaping and catching it mid air. He's over the stick. We head for home.

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