Agility Trial Marianna, Florida

Agility Trial Marianna, Florida

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  • Jett the wonder dog and I load up a few weekends ago and head over to the big city of Marianna, Florida for an Agility Trial. He is a novice dog and I am a novice as well at this event.

  • We enter these things and I go with no preconceived notions of anything except just having fun.


  • Keeping up with this blue eyed rocket is an impossible task. We go, we run, and I smile! Agility is a blast!


  • I give directions, when I can remember what direction to go in. It all happens so fast and I'm supposed to be cueing right, left, jump, etc... You get the picture.


  • We train at home, we go to classes, we enter a few trials, and we have a good time! I smile some more.


  • I keep thinking this might be some good exercise and keep me in better shape. It is keeping me out of breath right now!

  • Go Jett Go! This blue eyed wonder dog makes me smile!


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PHOTO CREDITS: T & C Photography

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