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Toes in the Sand

I love Sunday! It is a day to regroup for me and just do whatever I feel like doing. I went to Fusion Glass in Seaside and bought a gift. Over to the Sundog Book Store for a card. Lunch at The Great Southern Cafe. I had a Poinsetta to drink and ordered their amazing fried shrimp. Not only is the shrimp excellent, but the hush puppies are like my grandmother used to make. EVERYTHING on their menu is killer good! I went to the grocery store for a few things, because Saturday is the day all of the tourists go to the store. They bring everyone in their entire group/family  and take up the whole aisle standing around deciding whether they want beer or wine with the pizza for tonight. I jest because I truly like the tourists that come here. This is just one of their many habits, I do not understand. Note to visitors: Gather your group, make a list at the house you are renting, send a designated one or two people to get everything. Or, go on Publix delivery while you are at the airport or in the passenger seat of the car. Push buttons, pay, and magically, they will deliver your groceries at a time you designate for a nominal fee and you don't even have to wander around a store that you are not familiar with. You can just get your delivery, put the stuff up, and head to the beach. YEA!!!!

After I got my groceries home and put up, I grab Jett, the wonder dog, and head to the beach. I fractured my fibula about 8-10 weeks ago. (Hence, the reason I am familiar with the Publix delivery system. I tried the scooter a time or two. I have a whole new respect for someone on one of those things and totally understand why some of them try to run you over.) Anyways, I just got out of the boot, then leg brace, and have been walking on level ground for about 2 weeks. I did not realize how much I had missed my afternoon walks until our toes/paws hit that sugar white sand. HALLELUJAH!!!!! We had a nice stroll. A few people stopped to talk, asking what kind of dog Jett is, talking about how beautiful the beach is today, etc...

Another glorious day in PARADISE!

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