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Sunset at Gulfplace

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As much as I love to travel, I believe in loving where you live. By this, I don't mean it has to be a big house or anything extravagant. I mean loving what is around you. It could be a park or a lake, or anything that brings you a peaceful zen kind of thing. I am a water and sunshine person, so I am a beach bum on 30a on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The ocean is a calming force for me. It changes hourly and daily. It is humbling to stand beside this great and mighty force of perpetual movement and beauty! We have lots of tourists and some days they can make you a bit weary. Especially if you are trying to go eat at your favorite place and there is a line out the door, or the traffic is insane. But, it is worth the trade off. I live in a place where people smell like suntan lotion. They are happy because they are on vacation. For the most part, people are just thrilled to be here. The biggest perk of all is the breathtaking scenery!



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