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I love, love, love pelicans! There are a lot of great fisherman in our area. They love to tell stories of their big catches. To me, the best fisherman on the Gulf Coast are the Pelicans. They don't hang out on the dock and brag that they have the best fishing boat, or how much they catch every day. Nope! They just go out there and fly over the ocean, dive down, and come back up with a fish. BADASS! I have favorite spots where I go and sit to take pelican pictures. One particular place is Destin Harbor. I asked my husband to go along one afternoon and walk the Harbor. They have places to eat and get a drink, or shop. There is usually live music in a few spots and a football game or some sports something or other on the jumbo tron at AJ's. The charter boats come in and you get to see the days catches and hear the fun stories. My husband, being a fisherman, likes to go. On the day I took this shot, pelicans were diving in the water for hours. Now, what most people don't understand about wildlife photography is that it is a waiting game. Not always in the most comfortable circumstances. I laid on the end of a dock for about 3 hours and took about 1000 pictures to get this one shot. Meanwhile my husband moves from the dock, walks around for awhile, sits on a bench, and finally ends up at Margaritaville at the bar. During this hours long stretch, I glance around periodically and spot him at all of the above. Because when I am behind a camera, I lose all sense of time and really the real world. So now, if I ask him if he wants to go hang out someplace and I'll just take my camera along, his first response is, "Will this involve anything to do with pelicans?" Me, I am still searching for the "Triple P." The perfect pelican picture.

We've  had lots of rain this past week due to tropical storm Gordon. It has caused the fishing to be really good in The Bay. This makes the Pelicans congregate near the boat landing.

Prepare for landing.

Looking for breakfast.


The dive.


I love the drops of water still on these 2 beauties. If I could have one super power, it would be to fly!



Smooth landing. I have met some airline pilots that need to study this method.


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