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There is something compelling about a storm over the ocean. It covers both ends of the spectrum for me...from beautiful to down right scary! Especially a tropical storm or hurricane. Cristobal was forecast to head towards Louisiana and the winds were not that high. While I never want to see a major storm make landfall anyplace, it is a fact that we live with on the Gulf.

I love to go down to the beach pre storm. The waves are high and crashing in a symphony of anger and force. The surfers love to come out and catch a big wave. If the clouds are not too dense, the sunsets are magnificent!

People ask me how I live someplace that could be hit by a hurricane. The only consolation I have is that we have forewarning for a hurricane and I watch the forecast and leave if it looks like it will be close. When you have to leave, it is hard. I look at my home and things I have worked hard for and drive off not knowing if it will be there when I get back. At the end of the day it is stuff. My family is with me, check. My dogs are with me, check. Those are the things that matter most to me.

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